Forever and ever. Say “YES”.

Keeps your heart palpitating throughout the day.

You don’t win with mere luck: neither hearts nor impressions. That is why our main goal is to arrange weddings that evoke emotions and exceed expectations. Feelings only evoked by a celebration that lasts longer than the day.

100% experience with 100% quality.

Exceptional food, perfect facilities and decorations, we are constantly pushing the limits – upwards, of course.

Event Catering / Business Catering / Private Catering

Passion & culinary art

Produces copious amounts of endorphins and responds immediately.

Good food begins with high-quality ingredients that we passionately prepare for you by hand. We reinterpret traditional recipes and transform them into fresh creations thanks to innovative cooking.

Passionate culinary art and lasting taste impressions.

Noble and tasty spices inspire the imagination of your guests and create a great culinary experience that will be remembered for a long time.

Cocktail catering – highlight at every party

Mix & Match for the palate

Mix up your party and seduce your guests.

Nothing is more stimulating than a drink together. It makes event experiences even more fascinating, even more exciting. Cocktails not only have to meet the taste, they have to surpass it. And that’s before you even try it.

Swirling shakers, exotic bottles, the scent of fresh ingredients – you will feel the tingling on your tongue and the passion that is in all our cocktails.

Food Trailer Catering

Rock & Roll Entertainment for your guests

Whether indoors or outdoors, small or large number of guests, private or business – food trailer catering represents a special kind of entertainment that gives every event a very special character. The large, open cooking area invites you to enjoy and chat with the chefs at the same time. Your guests experience the production of the dishes up close and can ask questions about the preparation, select ingredients or pick up tips for cooking at home.

Barista Catering

Costa & Rica for the love of mixed beans.

Turns the coffee bar into a center of taste.

There are many drinks, but only one where you can experience the world atmosphere before trying it. Its powerful blend, its high-quality roast and every detail of the preparation – the unmistakable coffee DNA.
Our barista bar enriches your event and you will smother this DNA in every single cup.